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MotoGP San Marino Ticket Collection Information


If your delivery method is on-site pick up, your order for the 2018 Gran Premio Octo di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini is scheduled to be collected at the event.


Your order is scheduled to be collected at the Circuit ACCREDITATION CENTRE at the junction between the national road SS 16 and Via del Mare.



How do I get there?

Your order is scheduled to be redeemed at our collection point, located 3 km away from the Misano World Circuit Simoncelli, at the junction between the national road SS 16 (Statale Adriatica) and Via del Mare (near the Angelo Azzurro Restaurant). Please refer to the map below. 



Directions to the Circuit 


TRAIN ON WHEELS SERVICE (Fri-Sun) – 2€/way payable on board


To the circuit – direction “Simoncelli” roundabout

- From Misano Via Repubblica/Via Dante: 7:30 – 8 :00 – 8 :30

- From Misano Via del Mare from 7.30 to 18.30: one ride every

15 minutes on Friday and every 10 minutes on Saturday & Sunday.


RETURN TRIP – direction Accreditation center

“Simoncelli” roundabout - arrival at the accreditation center in Via del Mare through Via Repubblica (stop near the railway station).



Departure from 7.30 AM with rides every 10-15 minutes

Return: same route, from 3 PM


M LINE: circular route between Riccione railway station – P.leCuriel- Terme - Misano Brasile - n. 61 (Piazzale Venezia), n. 62(Via del Mare) - Centro Accrediti Via del Mare, Via Camillucciaterminus area*


O LINE: between Cattolica and Misano – From Via del Prete- Via Fiume- Via Carducci- zona Parco Le Navi- Portoverde BUS stop n. 70, stop at the Railway Station, Centro accrediti, terminus area Via Camilluccia*

*recommended for meadow tickets and Grandstands Carro 1, Tramonto, Misanino.



Starting from the rear of the Town Hall (Via Repubblica) connecting the circuit through Via della Conserva and Via del Carro, recommended for grandstands A-B-C-D-E, Tribuna Misanino, Centrale Partenze and Paddock tickets (entrance: Via Kato).








When Can I collect my tickets?



The Ticket Collection booth is open:

Thursday, 12th September: 13:00 – 17:00

Friday, 13th September: 08:30 –17:00

Saturday, 14th September: 08:30 –18:00

Sunday, 15th September: 07:45 – 13:00



Important: What you need to bring

It is mandatory for you to present an electronic or printed version of your e-voucher when you arrive to collect your tickets. Make sure to: 

- Please download your e-Voucher from the "My Account" section of the Gootickets Website.

- Bring a printed copy fo the e-Voucher

- Bring a Valid ID document (ID Card, Passport, Driver's licence).


If your tickets are to be collected by a friend, family member or other third party, you must notify us in advance (at the latest before 6pm on Friday 7 September) and have recieved a confirmation from us:

- Please send an email to [email protected] stating the person's name.

- Make sure this person brings the e-voucher and a photocopy of your ID.

- This person will also have to bring his/her own ID.


Please note that Tickets that are not collected will not be refunded. 




Contact the On-site Team


Should you need assistance, please contact the on-site team on the following emergency phone number:



Please note that this number is only available during the designated ticket pick-up booth opening times.



We wish you a fantastic time in San Marino!


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